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9/23/2006 - Australia x Russia 9/23/2006 - Australia x Russia
9/23/2006 - Australia x Russia 9/23/2006 - Australia x Russia
9/23/2006 - Brazil x USA 9/23/2006 - Brazil x USA
9/23/2006 - Brazil x USA 9/23/2006 - Brazil x USA
9/22/2006 - Czech Republic x Spain 9/22/2006 - Czech Republic x Spain
São Paulo

As well as being one of the first countries to know Basketball, Brazil was one of the first countries to conquer international titles, and specially, to participate in all of the world's main events. With a rich history in triumphs, both with the Women and Men National Teams, our country, apart from having harvests of idols in this sport, also acquired know-how in hosting international competitions. From 1954 to 1997, two World Championships for Men, three World Championships for Women and two World Championships for Junior National Teams (for Women, in 1997, and for Men, in 1979) were accomplished in Brazil.

In 1954, Brazil hosted the second edition of the World Championship for Men, from October 22th to November 5th. National teams from 12 countries came to Rio de Janeiro for a competition staged at Maracanãzinho, a gymnasium for 18 thousand people. Despite the local crowd support, Brazil finished second, losing the gold medal to the United States.

Three years later, in 1957, Rio de Janeiro was again the center of world basketball, hosting the second World Championship for Women. From October 13th to the 26th, 12 countries fought for the title, which was conquered by the United States. Brazil finished fourth.

In 1963, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro set once more the stage for another World Championship for Men. In its fourth edition, the event brought together 13 national teams. This time, the Brazilians, who had already been crowned world champions in Chile-1959, won their second consecutive title.

In 1971, Brazil hosted representatives from 13 countries for the sixth World Basketball Championship for Women. The party was set in the city of São Paulo, in the Ibirapuera stadium. Fifteen thousand people fought for space to see Brazil win the bronze medal. The Soviet Union won gold.

In 1979, Brazil accomplished the first World Championship for Junior Men, in Salvador, Bahia. From August 15th to the 25th, 13 countries battled for the title, which was conquered by the United States of America.

In 1983, the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul held the 9th World Championship for Women. Fourteen teams battle for the title. The Soviet Union won its sixth Championship. Brazil finished fifth.

In 1997, the fourth edition of the World Championship for Junior Women took place in Natal, capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. Twelve countries competed. The USA won the gold medal and Brazil finished fourth.

All together, Brazil carried out seven World Championships in five decades. These events brought experience for the national officials, apart from renewing and reinforcing the love of Brazilians for basketball. This can be proved by the crowds who packed gymnasiums in several Brazilian cities that have held these competitions.

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